3 Reasons Why the Dinner Table is the Most Important Piece of Furniture

It’s the place to gather around to reconnect, talk, share, and eat. It’s the place to organize paperwork, do crafts with friends, help the kids with their homework, pay the bills, host guests, serve a big Thanksgiving turkey or scrumptious Sunday brunch, to sit down and collect your thoughts- it’s the only piece of furniture that promotes genuine cohesiveness.

It’s the heartbeat of the kitchen and the dining room, and these spaces are the heart of the home. This is why we came up with 3 quick (and maybe over obvious) reasons the dinner table is the most important piece of furniture in your home.


First thing’s first is the time spent around the dinner table. Whether you spend a short time sitting down over a quick snack or all evening laughing around a holiday meal, the dinner table is the center piece of it all.

Secondly, it’s a place for congregation and gathering, and most importantly it promotes togetherness. For a busy family or roommates who are always all over the place, the dinner table is the one piece of furniture that everyone uses throughout their hectic days and crazy schedules.

And last but not least, the dinner table creates memories. Whether it’s the time spent around a weekday dinner sharing the events of the day or the fact that no matter how many people come over for Sunday brunch “you make room”, the memories made around the dinner table will be remembered and cherished for a long, long time.

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