Building with Reclaimed Wood … AND New Wood Too

Our brand is still about building custom pieces of furniture using reclaimed wood from old barns. No change there. But believe it or not, we’re building more pieces of furniture using new wood (also known as “virgin wood”) too. This is due to many customer requests. It often makes perfect sense too. Here’s why. Reclaimed… Read more »

How to Choose the Right Table Style – Shape, Seating Capacity

Many of our customers assume that all farmhouse tables should be rectangular in shape. But that shape may not be the best one for their needs. Our home, for instance, is an old farmhouse with very square rooms. The best shape for our family’s kitchen table is either square or round because these shapes best… Read more »

How to Choose the Right Table Size for Your Room

One of the things we love about building custom tables is our customers can choose a shape and size that is a perfect fit for their home. We really want you to discover what sort of table will be just right for you. You’ll find the following information very helpful because it’s based upon extensive… Read more »

Farm Tables for Grandparents Saying “No” to Downsizing

I’m often fascinated by new trends. One of the things we’ve seen at FFTB over the past year are more requests for large farm tables (especially expandable ones) for grandparents. How can this be, you may ask? After all, don’t husbands and wives who are semi-retired, in their late 50s and early 60s, often become… Read more »

Why Custom Building Your Furniture Sometimes Takes Awhile

When you order custom-made furniture from us you start the ball rolling on a unique building process. This process may take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. While we always strive to deliver all orders as quickly as possible, it’s important for all of our customers to know our lead times for final delivery often… Read more »

Military Mom Acquires a Yellow Pine Farm Table

Back in 2012, one of our customers came to visit us with her daughter. After walking through our display room, she ordered a custom-made yellow farm table. She asked if it would be possible for us to build and delivery it before the start of the Holiday season that year. I knew it would be… Read more »

Table for a “Farm Girl at Heart” … Near New York City

Dolores discovered us about 3 years ago. I remember our first phone chat. It took place on a Sunday afternoon. I often don’t answer the Furniture From the Barn business line on Sundays. Sundays are usually reserved for family time. We go to church. We have dinner together. Stuff like that. But I happened to… Read more »

Cloud, the king cat

  It’s march 2nd and they’re calling for more snow! I don’t know about y’all but were ready for some sunshine and the blooming of some pretty flowers!! Winter can easily be a beautiful and unpleasant season all at once. It brings coldness that chills our bones, and darkness that shortens our days and binds… Read more »

Why We Use Tung Oil

One of our customers’ frequently asked questions is, “What product is used to finish the wood on a farmhouse table?” I love it when they ask. Our secret is Tung Oil. Tung oil, also known as China wood oil, is a drying oil that’s been used for thousands of years. (It was actually used to… Read more »

What Makes a White Pine Farm Table So Special?

When most people think about a “classic farm table” they usually picture it made with white pine. White pine was used to build most of the kitchen tables found in farmhouses during the 1800s. The pine boards you see on our website come from floor and wall boards taken from barns that are often nearly… Read more »