Cloud, the king cat

finished in tung oil


It’s march 2nd and they’re calling for more snow! I don’t know about y’all but were ready for some sunshine and the blooming of some pretty flowers!!

Winter can easily be a beautiful and unpleasant season all at once. It brings coldness that chills our bones, and darkness that shortens our days and binds our productivity, and for some unexplainable reason it pushes us closer together—humans to humans, and humans to their animals.

If you can’t tell we love our critters here at FFTB! We’re either rescuing, adopting, babysitting, cleaning up after them, feeding, washing them off after they’ve rolled and wallowed in the mud, snuggling up with them, making vet trips, having the vet come do farm calls and the list can go on and onnnn..

Recently we lost one of the farm cats to feline diabetes, his health may have had a different outcome but the brutality of this winter was just too much for him.
Cloud was a special cat that loved dogs and food; he was the “king cat” who snuggled with whom he wanted at anytime he wanted. He let the other cats do all the “hunting” for him, he loved to frolic and hide in the garden, and he enjoyed lying out and sunbathing—he really was one of a kind!

(Snuggling with Hunter)

(snuggling up with his buddies Cosmo, Blue and Zin Zin)

The reason I’m sharing this with y’all is because it’s saddening and heart wrenching to lose a loveone (yes animals are love ones!) but Cloud lived a peaceful life, gave us many laughs, and filled our hearts with love. The way I see it is we can look at this bitterly cold and harsh winter in two different ways, 1) sad and depressing because it took our Cloud or 2) joyous because the last few months brought Cloud inside where he was closer to us and we shared more memories with him– I’ll chose choice number two.

We don’t have control over what and when things happen to us any more then we have a say about the color of the sky or why pigs can’t fly. If this winter hasn’t taught you that than I don’t know what will but what we do have control over is how we spend our time here on earth. So I’m asking and telling you PLEASE please please use your time wisely! Hug your mama, kiss your kids, snuggle with you pets and share some love because you just never know.

Rest in peace Cloud Lasagna Kelly, forever in our hearts


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