Dusty the Dog

This year Furniture from the Barn has partnered with Dogs Deserve Better, an organization that literally frees dogs from their chains.

The businesses philosophy of bringing new life to 18th century recycled barn wood is similar to the philosophy our family has adopted towards the “throw-away” members of our society.

Our design studio, workshop and office are situated on our family farm in Chester County, PA. Although we live in picturesque surroundings we occasionally come in contact with animals chained by the neck and sometimes denied the basic needs that all living creatures deserve. This summer our family got the privilege to rescue Dusty from such an environment.

Born and raised on a farm, Dusty had the liberty to freely roam. Although the life of a farm dog isn’t bad, Dusty found himself getting into trouble more than once by “playing” with the neighbor’s chickens. The neighbor wasn’t at all happy by this and was threatening to shoot Dusty if he ever came back on his property. In order to keep Dusty from being harmed his owner chained him inside one of the barns not knowing what else to do. This became Dusty’s new life. Life on a chain for any living, loving creature is no way to live. Morning and night, day after day Dusty’s life was limited to a 10 foot radius.

We met Dusty on our weekly travels for the business and discovered what a sweet dog he was. After being made aware of the owners predicament we let him know that we would be able to find Dusty a good home should he ever want to part with him. After what seemed like a very long time, Dusty’s owner approached us about giving Dusty up. We didn’t waste any time contacting the rescue group Dogs Deserve Better Before Dusty could be put up for adoption he had to be deemed safe and trainable. We began weeks of training and looking for potential new homes for our rescued boy. Everyone here at Furniture From The Barn played a special part in fostering Dusty and showing him love and kindness. In no time he went from a chained animal with no manners to a sweet, attention loving dog.
It didn’t take very long for the smiling pup to be spotted, no pun intended 😉 Dusty is now an ‘only child’ and soaking up all the love and attention he can get. He lives with a couple who has rescued dogs that were once unwanted and/or needed special care, and gave them a second chance at life and some much needed love. We all agree that our rescued boy Dusty will never have to know life on a chain again.

Here at Furniture From The Barn we continue to move forward towards a vision where the unwanted members of our society have a chance at a “new life”!

Dusty with his new family 

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