January Blues

Well… the holiday season is over. I bet some of you are happy about this. I totally understand the craziness and the stress levels that arrive with the holidays, but I think the January blues are worse. I would take the stress of December over the hum drum of January any day. If you are anything like me, then you can relate to the high during the holiday season and the low that tends to happen during the months that follow. I mean, let’s be honest, stressful situations aside, the holidays are great! There are plenty of parties to attend, meals to eat, cookies to bake, egg nog to drink… not to mention gifts! Some of us even get to enjoy a little time off from work… But then comes January… after the excitement from New Year festivities dies down… what is there to do? For those of us living in the North East; not a whole lot. It’s freezing outside, gray and dreary… and it’s probably going to stay this way for the next few months. Considering the temperature and the short days with limited sunlight, I bet you are spending a lot of time inside. Being a creative person, I find it hard to just accept a space for the way it is. I am always imagining what to change. Sometimes when my fiancé and I are watching a movie he will catch me looking all around the living room… looking at everything but the TV. He has stopped asking what I am doing, because he already knows. I am decorating our apartment in my mind! Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this… there have got to be others out there!

Since you are sitting at home, bored, staring at the walls, why not dedicate this time to design? Really take a look around your home and focus on what you want to change. Are you sick of your dining room table? Have you been putting off painting the family room for the past few months? Do you need new dining room chairs? Or is there a Pinterest project that you’ve been thinking about for months? Now is the time to do it! Here at Furniture From The Barn we love great design, here are two tips we wanted to share with you.

1. Buy it once. Buy it right.

I can’t even begin to describe how important this is. How many times have you bought something cheap just to fill the space and find yourself hating it in just a few short weeks… or even just as soon as you bring it home? Not only do you end up having buyer’s remorse, but you will eventually replace it with something you actually want, therefore, spending more $$$$$. Sometimes it’s better to live without while saving the cash to buy exactly what you want than it is to waste your money on something cheapo! When you order a custom piece from Furniture From The Barn, you know you are receiving exactly what you want from paint color to wood species to custom design. Our pieces of furniture are quality, classic and built to last. You will hand these pieces down to your grandchildren.

2. Recycle! Upcycle!

Of course we feel strongly about taking the old and making it new again because that’s what we do here at Furniture From The Barn. All you need is a little creativity and know how. If a custom designed piece of furniture isn’t in your budget, why not check out what’s on Craigslist or at GoodWill? There are usually some older pieces of furniture with good bones that just need a little TLC. Get some sand paper and paint and get to work! If you need any supplies or tips you know who to contact (us)!! Once you’ve finished, you will love your piece of furniture so much more because you worked hard to make it beautiful. Let us know how it turns out and send some photos!
Hope these tips inspire and motivate you.

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