Military Mom Acquires a Yellow Pine Farm Table

4. Yellow Pine in tung oil off white MP

Back in 2012, one of our customers came to visit us with her daughter. After walking through our display room, she ordered a custom-made yellow farm table. She asked if it would be possible for us to build and delivery it before the start of the Holiday season that year.

I knew it would be a tough deadline to meet. But we were motivated to meet this challenge.

You see, the individual ordering this particular kitchen table serves as a nurse in the military. As a working mom who has seen much suffering from war, she really wanted to enjoy a special time at home with her children before heading back into the Middle Eastern combat theater.

Her nursing job entails picking up wounded soldiers right off the battlefield by helicopter. She shared with us the reality of seeing some terrible things firsthand. As it turned out, she was scheduled for re-deployment to Afghanistan just a couple days after Christmas.

She wanted (and we really wanted for her) to be able to sit down on Thanksgiving with her whole family together around a new custom yellow pine table!
Crafting a Yellow Pine Farm Table Made with Old Barn Wood
From our standpoint, yellow pine is typically a southern wood. It was logged and sent up north from Southern States on river barges. Much of it probably came to us from the Carolinas during the 1700s and 1800s.

Yellow pine is probably the hardest of the pines we use to build farm tables. Table tops made from our stock of re-claimed yellow pine barn wood can range from 1 ¼” to 1 ½” thick. (That feature is very important to some of our customers.)

We have, on a couple occasions, made yellow pine farmhouse tables with tops up to 2-inches thick. The result is a very thick, heavy table. Such tables are exceptions, not the norm. We can build them though.

One noticeable quality of our yellow pine wood is its grainy texture. One can also see its hues are definitely more yellow in color than modern species, which are fairly light in comparison.

That being said, we often mix in darker pieces of yellow pine with the lighter ones. There were certain elements that contributed to the coloring of these darker pieces. Mixing them with lighter-colored boards offers a lovely contrast in the final product.
A Yellow Pine Farmhouse Table for the Holidays
Along with her new farm table, our customer also had us build a bench and corner cabinet for her. We all looked forward to the delivery of these pieces to her kitchen.

After originally placing her order, it seemed as if she almost couldn’t believe she’d found us here at Furniture From the Barn. The old-world look of the yellow pine tables we showed her on display was exactly the look she was after.

It turned out she’d wanted a table like this for a long time. We’re so glad she let us be the ones to make it happen.

Of course, we know from experience that our customers love receiving a hand-crafted farm table from our shop any part of the year. But for this military mom, receiving her yellow pine table just in time for the holidays in 2012 was the perfect time to enjoy it with her family. For her, it was the best way to sit down to her first meal on a new farm table constructed with antique wood.

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