Our Roy trestle is named after a customer who helped come up with design. We love the simplicity of the legs which gives the table a little more of contemporary feel.
The table can be crafted to have the stretcher come through the legs with a pin or it can be built without a pin. With the simplicity of its legs it will allow chairs to sit very snug around the table.


Roy Trestle Table With Company Boards In Reclaimed White Pine

Roy Trestle Table made of reclaimed white pine barn wood. 72" x 40" x 1" thick x 30"H Finished in our Boston/Michaels mix with tung…

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Roy Trestle Table in White Pine

This gorgeous Trestle table has been created entirely from reclaimed white pine barn wood. The dimensions are 86"L x 38"W x 30"H. The thick tabletop…

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Roy Trestle Table in Oak

This handsome Roy Trestle Table has been made of solid Reclaimed Oak barn wood.  This table can be serve many with it's removable company boards.…

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Roy Trestle In Chestnut

This Roy Table is made from Reclaimed Chestnut and it's finished in a Premium Finish, Harvest Stain and Tung Oil. The Overall Dimensions are 78"L…

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