An Artisan Piece

Your new piece/s of furniture is one of a kind. Artisan crafted with thorough detail and care each handmade piece dervies from old wooden barns that have been in nature's elements for decades, even centuries. The wood is full of inherent character such as but not limited too blemishes, holes (that may or may not be filled) cracks, nicks, wormholes, and insect valleys. These imperfections are not considered defects but unique to each piece that gives our furniture matchless character. There are no two pieces that are ever exactly alike, which makes them a one of a kind piece, built especially for you. Thank you for helping the environment and celebrate your handcrafted piece of history.

Control The Environment Important

Solid wood is a natural fiber; therefore it will shrink and swell with the seasons for the entirety of it's lifetime.

Take care not to expose your furniture to the extremes in temperature and humidity. Seasonal cracks may appear if humidity is not maintained at 30-40%. Do not expose directly to sunlight or near other heat sources such as but not limited too stoves or radiators. Never store furniture in an attic, basement or damp areas. Wood panels and tabletops joints will move and gap slightly in the center or edges depending on the humidity of the season.
Solid wood changes color over time under normal conditions of light exposure. Lighter finishes are the most vulnerable to wood darkening, so move decor around periodically so silhouettes do not appear.

Care and Cleaning Recommendations

Avoid dusting with a dry or old cloth, this may scratch the finish. Dust gently with a soft damp cloth by following the wood grain. Clean up spills immediately.
Avoid polish that contains ammonia or silicon.
Never place hot or cold liquids/objects directly on finish surfaces. For tabletops finished in tung oil you can clean your table with warm, soapy water with a damp cloth, then buff dry. Because tung oil is water resistant and used on tables, kitchen counters, bathrooms counter tops and floors you will not get rings. Liquid spills including but not limited to alcohol based products should be wiped up immediately and not allow to sit on the wood surface for any length of time. For more information on tung oil product used on your furniture go to

Tung oil is used on all tabletops, during the finishing process your table received multiple coats. It's a natural finish and with normal use and cleaning it may dull the sheen over time but it can be revived with another coat of tung oil finish. (This may not need to be done for years) Here is the website of the product we use and stand behind. You can find more detailed information on the care and maintenance of your wood furniture pieces finished with tung oil.

Limited Warranty

Furniture from the Barn stands behind its product. All furniture must be used for its intended uses only. We warrant all furniture products to be free from manufacturing defects for one year. Should service under this warranty be needed, the purchaser must first contact Furniture from the Barn and place in writing with photos about service needed.
All items returned, first, need written approval from Furniture from the Barn.
Furniture from the Barn's obligation, if found to be a manufacturing defective under normal use, care and service will under this limited warranty, within thirty days from the receipt of the product at the option of Furniture from the Barn, to replace the product with an equal type if available, repair or have repair if possible with a written recommendation from Furniture from the Barn.
Repairs and/or replacements under this warranty will be made at the option and solely by Furniture from the Barn and in its written sole discretion authorizes, at no charge to purchaser.
Should one of our pieces become unusable and require repair after the first year, please drop off the item after written approval from Furniture from the Barn to our workshop and we will repair it. If there is any packing, delivery and shipping to and from Furniture from the Barn under this warranty, it will be the responsibility of the customer.

This Warranty Does Not:

Cover damages which result from neglect, abuse, acts of nature or natural material changes, damage or wear to any mechanical parts, insect damage, normal wear and tear, exposure to extremes in temperatures or humidity, cracks, size, variation, movement do to humidity, water damage, fading or discoloration in finish, scratches, blemishes or color variations in finish and wood, unauthorized repairs, alterations or breakage of items.

If Items that are built to approved size specification are not guaranteed to fit in buildings, doorway, stairway or its desired location.

Please Note --
If found that not covered under the warranty, Furniture from the Barn will be glad to repair the item at a cost to purchaser/owner. Purchaser/owner will be responsible and charged for all cost to repairs and/or replacements of product and all cost to pack, delivery and shipping of product to and from Furniture from the Barn for repair.

Furniture from the Barn's pieces are built by hand with natural material and cannot guarantee any piece sold to look or be exactly like or a specific photo.

All furniture taller than wider should be placed on level surface and attached to a wall or a support.
Here is product we love to use on all barn wood furniture pieces to maintain their finish.
We always have it available. You can purchase it through us or you can buy it on amazon. We recommend using the Bees Wax once a month.

Enjoy you table and wood furniture with warmth and character!

Packing and Shipping Claims Policy

As the shipper, PackShip USA (or the shipping party) is responsible to prepare and package your product in such a manner to protect it from loss or damage under normal conditions. Occasionally packages will be mishandled resulting in damage to the contents. PackShip USA has set forth the following guidelines to share with our customers how our claims process works.

Items that are new and that are packed by PackShip USA are insured for their full value.  Items that are used, reconditioned or not new, including but not limited to household goods and antiques are insured at $1.00 per pound.

In order to ensure that a smooth and accurate delivery occurs, we will contact the receiving party (known as the consignee) when an order is shipped to provide receiving instructions. Those instructions advise the consignee that the order has been shipped, who the carrier is, how to contact them, the estimated arrival date, details about the delivery, and importantly, that they will need to INSPECT THE PIECES THAT THEY ARE RECEIVING AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY. Each carton should be examined for signs of damage and mishandling. If there is noticeable or questionable damage to the container, you may request the container be opened and the contents be inspected. The receiver and the driver should agree on the condition of the contents, and the freight bill (or delivery receipt) noted to reflect such a condition.

Specific notations greatly reduce the chance of controversy when the claim is filed. Do not attempt to document anything on the delivery receipt other than the objective findings.

Even if a shipment is damaged, it should be received by the consignee.
Any exceptions in condition to items noted after the delivery receipt is signed clear (concealed damage) are handled on a case-by-case basis. PACKSHIP USA MUST BE NOTIFIED OF DAMAGE WITHIN TEN DAYS OF RECEIPT OF THE ORDER for a claim to be considered. Regulations concerning concealed damages have been set forth in the Interstate Commerce Commission's ruling under Ex Parte 263 which states, "It is incumbent upon the consignee to offer reasonable evidence to the carrier's representative when the inspection is made that the loss or damage was not incurred by the consignee after the delivery of the shipment by the carrier."

PackShip USA will assist in the resolution of the claim by working with the consignee, store and carrier. Resolution of the claim can include repairing the item, selling the items for salvage, or replacing the item. It is the legal obligation of the receiver to make every reasonable effort to mitigate (reduce) the loss.  Mechanical or electrical failure upon delivery is not covered unless there is evidence of external damage to the insured item.

Consequential losses are not subject to loss claim. Also time off work to receive a delivery is not subject to loss claim. Please call PackShip USA at 800-548-0852 if your are experiencing difficulties making your appointment arrangements. Carriers do an excellent job in delivering many shipments each day, but at times are forced to reschedule deliveries due to weather, equipment and scheduling difficulties, or other unforeseen circumstances.

If an item is damaged and a claim is to be filed, the claims process begins with the submission of photographs. The photos can be mailed to us, or emailed to [email protected] Every effort will be made to settle the claim in a timely, fair and reasonable way.

Items that PackShip USA packages and releases are insured by PackShip USA while the items are in transit with PackShip USA's carrier. Items NOT packed by PackShip USA are NOT insured by PackShip USA, and therefore are subject to the terms and conditions for claims settlement as set forth by the carrier of record. In addition, items that PackShip USA packs that are NOT shipped by PackShip USA's carrier are NOT insured by PackShip USA.

FORCE MAJEURE:  In the event that loss, damage, delay or any other non performance is caused by strikes, Acts of God, war, accidents, civil disorder or through compliance with any legally constituted order of civil or military authorities, PackShip USA will not be responsible or liable.

Ship USA

This program covers items not released from a PackShip USA location. This information is intended as a guide for companies and individuals who release product from their locations, or servicing freight terminals.

1.  When a NOTED DAMAGED ITEM IS REFUSED, please call PackShip USA immediately to advise.

2. The Shipment will be returned to the destination freight terminal and held with request for disposition. Storage charges can accrue so it is imperative that the claims process move quickly at this point.

3.  The value of the item is established and the extent of damage is evaluated by freight company personnel or an outside inspector, unless the carrier waives their right to inspect the freight based on the value.

4.  Charges for freight return will be billed to the shipper unless the carrier agrees to a non-revenue return for the freight. This return may be referred to as a free astray return or company business return.

5.  The freight will be received by the shipper who will advise PackShip USA in writing on company letterhead the dollar value of the loss so the claim can be filed.

6.  Charges for the reshipment will be billed to the shipper's (or responsible party's) account and reimbursed to the shipping party upon favorable outcome of the claim.

7.  PackShip USA will file the claim for loss against the carrier. The original sale invoice is required to establish the value of the product that was sold.

8.  The claim may include settlement to repair or replace the product, freight costs to return the damaged items and freight costs to ship the replacement or repaired item.

9.  Claim settlement normally occurs in 60 days from the date that the claim is submitted to the carrier.

10.  If a shipment is NOTED TO BE DAMAGED AND ACCEPTED by the consignee, the extent of damage is evaluated by the consignee, an inspector or a third party repair company.

11.  The damaged item is repaired, replacement parts are provided, or an appearance allowance is agreed upon.

12.  The amount of loss is filed against the carrier.

13.  Claim settlement normally occurs in 60 days from the date that the claim is submitted to the carrier.

14.  If a shipment is RECEIVED AND SIGNED FOR WITHOUT EXCEPTION, the consignee must work directly with the carrier to resolve the loss. Notification to the carrier must occur within 15 days. In this situation, the carrier holds what is considered a clear delivery receipt and will not take liability for the condition of the shipment. A claim can be filed but historically those claims have been declined or occasionally settled for a small percent of the requested amount.

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