Why Buy Re-purposed Wood Furniture

Why buy re-purposed wood furniture? I’ll tell you why, because it’s cool! Not only is it cool but it’s smart, it serves a purpose, and it’s worth the money, it’s a new life, a regenerated form of something that is too valuable to toss to the wayside. It’s wood, real wood but just rejuvenated!

Everything has a beginning, everything needs some kind of start, a structure to build off of, and everything has a purpose. Reclaimed barn wood began with the purpose of sheltering animals and storing harvested crops. Over time those needs have dwindled down because the family farm isn’t as prominent as it used to be so repairing the old barn out back has become a thing of the past. As these big, beautiful structures are being taken down the wood is either discarded or reused, we choose to reuse. All things must end but an end can be a new beginning, and by reclaiming old barn wood and making furniture out of this re-purposed wood that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Another reason to buy reclaimed wood furniture is because it will last you longer, now I know what you’re thinking..
“how will something that is already old last me longer than something that is brand-new??”
Well the answer to this tricky question is the fact that the wood of yesteryear is stronger and more durable than the wood of today. This is because the wood of today is commercially grown and the trees aren’t fully mature when harvested, whereas the wood of yesteryear was naturally grown and harvested only when the tree was well into its mature life. The difference is classified as ‘old growth’ versus ‘new growth’. Therefore making that brand-new Ikea cabinet less sturdier than a cabinet made out sturdy reclaimed wood.

Another factor is the character–the nicks, the nail holes, the saw marks and grooves, the color.. Oh the color! These things are things that can’t be replicated no matter how intentionally planned into the building of the new wood product they are. No two pieces of reclaimed wood are alike, that makes for no two pieces of furniture made out of reclaimed wood ever being exactly alike..ever! Each piece has its own story, artistic touch, and unique beauty.

Now the reasons of why to buy reclaimed wood furniture instead of new wood furniture are endless—the list could go on about the finishing processes, how you would be helping the environment, and even how a once treasured barn can be made into heirloom pieces of furniture for your home.
But we’re challenging you to build, buy, reuse, and re-purpose old wood, old furniture, new furniture made out of old wood.. you get the gist! But when you’re in the market for something new for your hearth & home take a look at reclaimed wood furniture because a valuable earthly resource such as wood doesn’t have to have an end but can begin again.


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