Julianna and Oakie

Julianna has been helping us out on our family farm for four years now! In addition to assisting in the office part-time, Jules helps with the daily tasks of taking care of all the farm critters, watering the plants, and editing the website. She has helped Kelly with her design and decorating with several projects such as decorating our Church for Christmas and Casey and Rebecca’s wedding. She assisted Kelly with the flowers in making an old barn become a fairy tale wedding! She is currently pursuing a ministry degree and is starting her own ministry called “Wisdom Of Many,” which you can look up on social media platforms.

Oakie found us in January of 2017 and we named him because he reminded us of a piece of White Oakwood. He watches over our shop by going in and out all day. At night, you can find him sleeping in one of his many beds around the shop. When you pet him he will roll over for a belly rub. With sawdust between his toes, he will certainly greet you if you come for a visit.