Boxer and Alfie



The spring season has been especially bright for us here at Furniture From The Barn. We expanded our farm family to welcome two new horses last summer: Boxer and Alfie. They are both 8 yr old Off-the- Track Thoroughbreds. Though injuries ended their racing careers, their owner was caring enough to be certain that they retired in a safe and happy home.

Boxer, a very handsome dark bay, is like a big teddy bear and just loves to give kisses. Alfie, a bright chestnut, was somewhat skittish at first, but he’s settled in nicely and now searches my pocket for treats. We are happy to add them to the Farm and enjoy watching them frolic in the pasture with our other rescues, Levi the mini donkey and Little Red the mini horse.

Horse rescue is very and near and dear to our hearts at FFTB. Unfortunately, many OTTBs and other horses, burros, and donkeys are often abandoned at auctions for various reasons. In the worst cases, they are bought by kill buyers, packed into trucks, and sent to slaughter in Mexico, as horse slaughter is illegal in the USA. Unless a rescue group manages to intervene and buy them, this grim reality is a stark contrast to the love and care these noble creatures deserve. Our daughter recently rescued a horse in Colorado and now Fred will enjoy a happy life with her.

At FFTB, our belief has always been about restoration and second chances, whether it’s turning reclaimed barn wood into beautiful furniture pieces or providing a haven for animals. Every day, we strive to create a place where both our furniture and our beloved animal family can tell a story of resilience and beauty.

We hope you’ll get a chance to meet Alfie and Boxer during your next visit to our showroom. Just remember to keep a couple of treats in your pocket for our newest members.





Lil R


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