Farm Tables for Grandparents Saying “No” to Downsizing

I’m often fascinated by new trends. One of the things we’ve seen at FFTB over the past year are more requests for large farm tables (especially expandable ones) for grandparents.

How can this be, you may ask? After all, don’t husbands and wives who are semi-retired, in their late 50s and early 60s, often become empty-nesters who then downsize?

Well, often … yes. Not everyone though.

What many of our customers are doing is actually going against the current downsizing trend happening in the broader culture. Why? Because they’re planning for future family gatherings at home … when those children who’ve moved out will then come to visit … with their grandchildren!

As a matter of fact, several of our dear customers recently said almost the same identical thing to me, “Kelly, don’t ever downsize. The kids will grow up. Perhaps go to college. They’ll leave. They’ll eventually get married and start families of their own. But then, they’ll come back home. And you’ll want to have space for them so everyone they bring will be comfortable.”

I’ve been hearing more and more about families gathering at grandmom’s home for Sunday dinner … things like that. I love it.

We’re often seeing this reflected in orders for custom farmhouse tables. (I’d have to guess at least 20 of the farm tables we built last year were for grandparents who are planning to use them for regular family get-togethers.) We recently built a farmhouse table for empty-nesters that includes extensions for creating a much bigger table. It’ll be ideal for their children’s families, who live nearby, when everyone comes to visit.

One grandmom even told me she has a “no technology rule” in place at her home during family gatherings. Cell phones aren’t allowed. They all have to be left in the kitchen. No talking or texting on the phone during the special time set aside for family members to all be together.

Perhaps this will be a new trend. Generations gathering together … more often. Slowing down a bit in order to make time and see one another.

How wonderful that would be!


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