Happy Father’s Day

The completion of the new FFTB showroom is finally down to what feels like the homestretch. We’re hoping, anyway. Our friends would probably say that I’ve been saying this for about a year now.

The main reason why it’s taken so long is because Michael has insisted on doing most of the work himself. As he would say, “Why would I hire someone when I can do it my way, the right way.” LOL.

He has meticulously worked on this new showroom in just about every possible way. With the exception of the roof (which I absolutely forbade him to do because I don’t want him walking on roof tops anymore) Michael has probably done 90% of the construction work himself. And he NEVER cuts corners … even if it slows things down.

One thing I also insisted on was to have Kris, a local contractor, help Michael install the new hardwood floors. Michael loves working with Kris because he is also extremely detailed. Kris is the contractor who we always recommend to our local customers who need someone to hang their barn doors or install custom built furniture pieces to walls with molding to give the built-in look.

Michael is a carpenter by trade but has taught himself other construction-related skills along the way. He really wanted, for example, to install radiant heating underneath the shop and showroom floors. To do this, he read a lot of literature and watched many hours of YouTube videos in order to learn how to do it. He did a great job and we are looking forward to a warm and cozy showroom this fall.

In addition, on a daily basis, Michael oversees everything in the building shops and creates all the work orders for all the custom furniture building. All Last summer he was busy most weekends fashioning the heavy flagstone pieces that now comprise the walkway at the showroom’s entrance area. Michael cut most of the pieces with a large wet-saw and then fit them together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. We are excited to have this new patio entrance.

Aside from that, we’re now able to turn our attention to final interior details. Michael is now getting ready to put the AC in the new showroom. All of the lights are ready to be hung. The interior wood windows will be getting painted. Also, my Pop George  will be coming up from Florida in order to help us with the painting.

Coming down to the finish line on this building project, I just want to give a big shout-out to my hubby for all of his hard work (and he is also the proud Father to two recent graduates.) Our son Casey graduated from Pennsylvania College School of Technology and our daughter Caitlyn graduated from Vermont Law School.

As I write this, Father’s Day weekend is almost here.
“Happy father’s Day” to you Michael … our resident dad here at FFTB. We love you because you can fix anything ; )

— Kelly

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