Showroom Update

Here’s a sneak peek at that the new showroom! Check out Drover and Lila in the photo. We are finally almost there with finishing up the AC, bathroom, deck, and spiral staircase. I will defiantly blog about the staircase process sometime soon as it is being crafted by the master carpenter, Michael. It has all been a labor of love.

Here a few sneak peeks at the spiral staircase

Michael working on his design in the shop


We love having a barn door in the space so when customers come for a showroom visit they can see and actually slide the door along the track. We love making barn doors


This extra space is great but why is it that when you have space you always end up filling it up? It has served as storage as we finish up customers’ pieces until they are ready to be shipped or to be picked up.

Check out the shiplap siding on the walls and the big beams.

Oakie always likes to be in the photo shoots


The large windows allow so much natural light to pour in. I especially love my rustic rain drops lights and of course we used a lot of wood on the ceiling, walls, and floors. We keep plugging along and hope to be totally finished soon.  A labor of love indeed.

Rustic Rain Drop Lights


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