Table for a “Farm Girl at Heart” … Near New York City

Dolores discovered us about 3 years ago. I remember our first phone chat. It took place on a Sunday afternoon.

I often don’t answer the Furniture From the Barn business line on Sundays. Sundays are usually reserved for family time. We go to church. We have dinner together. Stuff like that. But I happened to answer the day Dolores and I first met over the phone.

Dolores lives in North Jersey, just across from New York City. Many of her family and friends work in NYC. Much of her life is rooted near there.

Yet, there is another side to her. Even though anyone who knows Dolores can see clearly she is an Italian gal from Northern New Jersey, those who get to know her really well discover she is a “farm girl at heart.”

Drawn to a Farmhouse Table Built with Douglas fir Wood

When Dolores first contacted me, she was in search of a very square farmhouse table for her kitchen. Photos of ones we’d built out of reclaimed Douglas fir barn wood immediately attracted her attention. She ended up ordering one 48” x 48” in size.

Douglas fir wood is similar-looking to pine, but darker. It also has a more refined look to it, meaning any knots in the wood are smaller and better defined than knots found in most pines.

We’ve found re-claimed Douglas fir barn wood often displays very red undertones. Most individuals who love the appearance of Cherry are attracted to the Douglas fir pieces we design.

Customers who want thicker table tops can get them in Douglas fir too. It’s a harder wood and a very good choice for kitchen tables.

Moreover, we find more people wanting other types of pieces made in Douglas fir nowadays. It has become a popular wood for bathroom vanities and kitchen islands. We’ve had lots of interest in those pieces of furniture in particular.

When It Came Time to Deliver Her Farm Table…

About the time Dolores’ table was ready for delivery, Michael and I were scheduled to display some of our pieces at a furniture show in North Jersey. As it turned out, this show happened to be only about 10 miles from her home.

It was the perfect opportunity to deliver her new kitchen table. That was only the beginning of our time with her, however.

When Dolores discovered we were going to be in her area, she insisted Michael and I stay at her home. Not only that, she volunteered to help us at the furniture show. And on top of that, she cooked delicious meals for us throughout our stay with her.

To say we were smitten by her kindness would be an understatement.

One thing none of us knew at the time was that first table we custom-built for Dolores would end up being the start of a whole interior home make-over. Her journey began with that farmhouse style table.

Among the furniture we’ve been privileged to build for Dolores are: a dining room set, living room set, hutches, chairs, and sideboards. Most recently, Dolores asked us to build an Oak bedroom set — as a present for her husband.

Looking back now, it’s easy to see how all my conversations with Dolores over the years have allowed us to become close. Neither my husband nor I knew, however, this “farm girl at heart” would turn out to be such an amazing person and friend!


Dining room table made in reclaimed white pine, with hutch and sideboard in barn red with black glaze

Mini Hall Tree


Oak night stand

Entertainment Cabinet in marigold yellow with glaze

Coffee table in barn red with black glaze, accent table finished the same

Dry sink with some of Dolores primitive dolls.

Their is our little farm girl Dolores in the mirror?

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