The Farm Table is your source for the perfect farm table. These timeless pieces of Americana stand the test of time, from year to year and generation to generation. It’s the hardest working piece of furniture in your home. It’s the location of yummy, family meal gatherings, coffee and a chat with a friend, school projects, and homework. The farm house table is truly a part of your family.

The reclaimed barn wood farm tables are available in chestnut, oak, and pine. Our chestnut wood was harvested before the blight killed the American chestnut tree in the early 1900’s. This historical quality of chestnut has made this farm table one of our most popular items. The wood is very hard and heavy with warm brown tones.

Pictured below is a chestnut table


We hand-select each board for age, distress, worm holes, saw marks, and refining. Hand planing is also available. Most customers choose a simple finish of tung oil to bring out the simple beauty of the chestnut. Feel free to make the choice yours.

This rustic table made from reclaimed, chestnut, barn wood has optional, removable company boards for those times when you need just a little more elbow room ’round your table.

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