Farmhouse Tables

*****All RECLAIMED PINE AND RECLAIMED RED OAK FARMHOUSE TABLES 20% off UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR******** These would be made to order tables in your size and finish.

From its humble beginnings as a work surface, the rustic icon of a farmhouse table has become a prized gathering spot as well as the heart of today’s kitchens and dining rooms. These tables hold stories as rich as the ones created sitting around it.
Our farmhouse table collection is crafted out of either reclaimed or new wood, and are built and finished to last a very long time.

All our tables are made to order. When inquiring about a table please specify species of wood, size, top thickness, base/leg style and finish color. If unsure, please contact us.

Prices start at $1250 for a tapered leg table 60″ X 38″ x 1″ thick top made in reclaimed white pine barn wood. Red Oak is 35% more, White Oak is 50% more and Chestnut is 65% more. Virgin Wood, Oak, Rustic Oak, Brown Maple, Rustic Maple and Rustic Cherry are 35% more then reclaimed white pine.

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Yellow Pine Farmhouse Table With Company Boards

This is a yellow pine table 60" x 40" x 1.5" thick with two 16" company boards, and taper legs. Finished in a natural stain…

Price Upon Request


White Pine Tables With Black Painted Turn Legs

A classic farmhouse beauty, this table is made of Reclaimed White Pine barn wood and measures 72"L x 40"W x  30"H.  It features four turned…

Price Upon Request


Chestnut Table With Tapered Legs And Company Boards

This beautiful chestnut farmhouse table is 90"L x 42"W x 1.24" thick x 30"H with tapered legs and two 16" company boards. Finished with our…

Price Upon Request


Rustic Loose Planking Farmhouse Table With Tapered Legs

We made this table with love for my assistant Reenie. It is finished in a tung oil mix and stained with special walnut and mahogany.…

Price Upon Request


Chestnut Table With Taper Legs And Bench

Chestnut Farmhouse table 60" x 38" x 1.25" thick x 30"H. Taper legs this table has no bread board ends. Finished with Fruitwood mix.  Matching…

Price Upon Request


Round Farmhouse Tables

Round tables with turn or taper legs up to 72"

Price Upon Request


Vase Double Pedestal In Virgin Rustic Cherry

Double pedestal in rustic cherry wood with two 12" extensions, bread board end pulls out to insert extensions. Size of table is 76"L x 42"W…

Price Upon Request


Reclaimed White Oak With Bella Turn Legs

Reclaimed white oak farmhouse table with our bella turn legs. Reclaimed white is based on availability if we have light boards to achieve a light…

Price Upon Request


Oak Table With Pine Painted Turn Legs

Oak Farmhouse table 78"L x 44"W x 1"thick top x 30"H, table has bread board ends with semi-rustic boards. Legs are pine and painted pearl…

Price Upon Request


Oak Table With Maple Tapered Legs

Red Oak farmhouse table 72"x 36" x 1.5" thick x 30"H table has no bread board ends table is finished in S2/Special walnut mix with…

Price Upon Request


White Pine Farmhouse Table With Turn Legs

White pine farmhouse tables 72" x 36" x 1" thick top x 30"H with turn legs table has no breadboard ends. Finished in a mix…

Price Upon Request


Oak Table With Taper Legs, Matching Bench And Oleta Chairs

Reclaimed red oak farmhouse table with taper legs and matching bench. Size 66" x 38 x 1"thick top Matching taper leg bench 48"L x 13"W…

Price Upon Request


Rustic White Oak With V-Grooves And Turn Legs

This farmhouse table is made in rustic white oak we added v-grooves to the table top with no breadboard ends, and turn legs also made…

Price Upon Request


White Pine Table With Turn Legs

Always the favorite old antique pine boards. This table is 84 x 40 x 1" thick top x 30"H, turn legs, finished in Boston stain…

Price Upon Request


Rustic Oak 1″ Top With Tapered Legs

This rustic oak table is made with original 1" thick floor boards from an old barn. Lots of character on this table top Size is…

Price Upon Request


Rustic Oak With Cait Turned Legs and 1″ top And Matching Bench

This table is made from true 1" boards found in an old barn. This particular table shows a lot of color variation we can even…

Price Upon Request


White Pine Tables with Black Painted Taper Legs

This gorgeous reclaimed white pine barn wood table measures 72"L x 40"W x 30"H.It features removable tapered legs with leveling feet and a standard apron.…

Price Upon Request


Oak Farmhouse Table With Cait Turned Legs

This beautiful Oak Farmhouse Table is made of Reclaimed wood.  The beauty of the tight grain on Reclaimed oak surpasses the oak of today!  All…

Price Upon Request


Rustic Loose Planking Table

This Reclaimed Oak Table is rustic and refined.  It measures 75"L x 42"W x 30"H x 1" Thick. This table was made with loose plank…

Price Upon Request


Hawthorne Double Pedestal In Cherry

Hawthorne double pedestal table made in cherry wood. Tables can be made 64"L and 72"L with either two or four 12" extensions, extensions can be…

Price Upon Request


Chestnut Table With Turn Legs and Company Boards

This Chestnut Table is made for family gatherings....and made to last. This table shows the lighter wood of the reclaimed chestnut. It measures 72"L x…

Price Upon Request


Oak Tables with Painted Legs

62" x 38"W x 1.5" thick, white oak table top finished in tung oil, base is pine and milk painted black.Bench was made to compliment…

Price Upon Request


Oak Table With Turned Legs

This table, made from Reclaimed Oak Barn Wood, measures 60"L x 40"W x 30"H x 1.5" thick top  The table is finished in Special walnut…

Price Upon Request


Chestnut Table with Tapered Legs and no Bread Board Ends

This handsome and sturdy Chestnut Table is sure to be a gathering place for many family meals.  It measures 72"L x 40"W x 30"H x…

Price Upon Request


Chestnut Tables With Painted Legs

This solid Chestnut Table measures 78"L x 40"W x 30"H x 1.5" thick top   Cait Turn Legs and Apron are finished in black Milk Paint,…

Price Upon Request


White Oak Tables with Tapered

This beautiful white oak table with tapered legs is  72"L x 40"W x 30"H x 1.25" thick top.  Our Oak Tables can be custom built…

Price Upon Request


Oak Table With Cait turned legs

One of our favorites pictured, this table is white oak  dimensions are 72" x 40" x 1.5" thick, click to view more photos of oak…

Price Upon Request


White Pine Table With Cabriole Legs

French cabriole legs add a little elegance to a rustic table. Table measures 72"L x 39"W x 30"H. Finished with provincial  stain and tung oil

Price Upon Request


White Pine 8′ Table With Tapered Legs

This table has been made out of reclaimed white pine barn wood. This table is an example of what we use for wedding rental tables.…

Price Upon Request


White Pine Tables With White Painted Legs

This stunning Farmhouse Table is made from Reclaimed White Pine.  It measures 60"L x 38"W x 30"H x 1" thick. This table we use for…

Price Upon Request


White Pine with Cabriole Legs

The table pictured is  84"L x 40"W x 30"H, with cabriole legs. Click to view more photos of tables with cabriole legs.  It has been…

Price Upon Request


White Pine Table with Turned Legs

White Pine Table pictured is 72"L x 40"W x 30"H x 1" thick Top with Cait turn legs.  It features one drawer in the apron…

Price Upon Request


White Pine 60″ Table with 16″ Company Boards

If you prefer wider Farmhouse Tables. . . .this is the perfect design! Made from solid, Reclaimed White Pine Barn Wood, it measures 60"L x…

Price Upon Request


White Pine Table with Taper Legs

With clean lines and simple design. . . . this is one of our more popular Pine Tables.  Made of Reclaimed White Pine barn wood,…

Price Upon Request


Hudson-X Trestle in Rustic Oak

Bound to be a family heirloom, this Hudson X-Trestle Table is made for many family gatherings.   It is crafted of new "virgin" Rustic Oak wood…

Price Upon Request


Chestnut tables with Cabriole Legs

Chestnut tables with French cabriole legs. Table pictured is 92" x 38" x 1.25" thick. Click to view more photos of chestnut tables with cabriole…

Price upon request


Chestnut Tables with Bella Turn legs

Chestnut table pictured is  78 x 42 x 1.25" finished with tea stain and tung oil. Click to view more tables with Bella turn legs…

Price upon request


Chestnut Tables with Tapered Legs

Our "made to last" Chestnut Tables are a mainstay for any dining room.  Pictured is a 90"L x 38"W x 30"H x 1.5" thick top…

Price upon request


(Barry’s) Chestnut Table With Tapered Leg

Crafted from reclaimed solid Chestnut barn wood, it measures 60"L x 38"W x 30"H with a 1-1/4" thick tabletop. It features a standard apron and…

Price upon request


Chestnut Tables with Cait Turned Legs

This substantial and stunning Farmhouse Table measures 78"L x 40"W x 30"H x 1.25" thick top.  It features a durable surface, standard apron and hand…

Price upon request


White Pine Table With Taper Legs

This  table with made to fit a smaller space only 58"L x 32"W made of reclaimed white pine barn wood, taper legs finished with S14…

Price Upon Request


White Pine Table With 3 1/4″ Turn Legs

This table 92 x 44 x 1" thick top x 30"H reclaimed white pine barn wood, skinny turn legs 3 1/4"  

Price Upon Request


Oak Table with Tapered Legs

Oak table with 1" thick top is 72"L x 40"W x 30"H. Finished in a mixture of  Weathered Oak, Special Walnut, S-12 stains and tung…

Price Upon Request


Oak Table with 1 3/4″ thick Top and Tapered Legs

This gorgeous rustic oak table is 112"L x 40" W x 1.75" thick top with beefy tapered legs. This table has so much character with…

Price Upon Request


Oak Table With Alyssa Turned Legs

This top shows all the character the 1" thick oak tops have. Original floorboards from old barns. 72"L x 42"W x 1" thick x 30"H…

Price Upon Request


White Oak Table With Tapered Legs And Bench

This Farmhouse Table is Made from Reclaimed Oak. It's Finished in natural stain and tung oil satin finish coat.  The Overall Dimensions are 72"L x…

Price Upon Request


White Oak Table With Cabriole Legs

This Farmhouse Table is made from Reclaimed Oak, it has Cabriole Legs and was Finished in Weather Oak Stain and Tung Oil. The Overall Dimensions…

Price Upon Request


Farmhouse Chestnut Table and Bench

This beautiful Table has a top made from Reclaimed Chestnut and the base is made from Reclaimed White Pine.  The Dimensions of the table are…

Price Upon Request


Oak Table with White Painted Legs

This beautiful Oak Table accompanied by a bench, is made of both Reclaimed and New wood.  The 1" thick table top is made of Reclaimed…

Price Upon Request


Lauren Trestle Table In Maple

Lauren trestle table made in new "virgin" brown maple wood. Size shown 81" x 54" x 2"thick, no bead board ends, finished in onyx stain…

Price Upon Request


Baldwin Table in Rustic Oak

Here is a modern farmhouse style, steeped in character with large turnings balanced with simple, functional lines on the chairs. The louvered doors on the…

Price Upon Request