Red Oak Tables

These would be made to order tables in your size and finish. Oak wood is regarded as heavy, dense and masculine. It is the hardest of the five kinds of reclaimed woods we use. Oak was used frequently to make furniture in earlier times and has recently made a comeback because of its texture and grainy look. Even though reclaimed oak is less grainy than virgin oak, modern finishing techniques give oak furniture a warm look. We can further categorize oak as being one of two species: red oak and white oak. Red oak has red undertones and larger pores, whereas
white oak has brownish undertones and smaller grain.


Oak Table With Taper Legs and Matching bench

Reclaimed red oak farmhouse table with taper legs and matching bench. Size 72 x 38 x 1"thick top with two 16" company boards. Matching taper…

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Rustic Loose Planking Table

This Reclaimed Oak Table is rustic and refined.  It measures 75"L x 42"W x 30"H x 1" Thick. This table was made with loose plank…

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Oak Farmhouse Table With Cait Turned Legs

This beautiful Oak Farmhouse Table is made of Reclaimed wood.  The beauty of the tight grain on Reclaimed oak surpasses the oak of today!  All…

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Rustic Oak 1″ Top With Tapered Legs

This rustic oak table is made with original 1" thick floor boards from an old barn. Lots of character on this table top Size is…

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Rustic Oak With Cait Turned Legs and 1″ top And Matching Bench

This table is made from true 1" boards found in an old barn. This particular table shows a lot of color variation we can even…

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Oak Table With Turned Legs

This table, made from Reclaimed Oak Barn Wood, measures 60"L x 40"W x 30"H x 1.5" thick top  The table is finished in Special walnut…

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Oak Tables with Painted Legs

62" x 38"W x 1.5" thick, white oak table top finished in tung oil, base is pine and milk painted black.Bench was made to compliment…

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Oak Table With Cait turned legs

One of our favorites pictured, this table is white oak  dimensions are 72" x 40" x 1.5" thick, click to view more photos of oak…

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Oak Table with White Painted Legs

This beautiful Oak Table accompanied by a bench, is made of both Reclaimed and New wood.  The 1" thick table top is made of Reclaimed…

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Oak Table With Alyssa Turned Legs

This top shows all the character the 1" thick oak tops have. Original floorboards from old barns. 72"L x 42"W x 1" thick x 30"H…

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Oak Table with 1 3/4″ thick Top and Tapered Legs

This gorgeous rustic oak table is 112"L x 40" W x 1.75" thick top with beefy tapered legs. This table has so much character with…

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Oak Table with Tapered Legs

Oak table with 1" thick top is 72"L x 40"W x 30"H. Finished in a mixture of  Weathered Oak, Special Walnut, S-12 stains and tung…

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