White Oak Tables

American White oak has made a huge comeback due to fact of the light color it retains when finished. It’s strong and durable and naturally wate resistant. Our white oak tables usually finish very light or natural in color, some of our reclaimed white oak will have darker boards, white oak also takes gray stain very well. We also build a lot of tables and pieces with rustic white oak this is not reclaimed wood but white oak with character, rustic white oak will have a more consistent color, unlike reclaimed white oak that can have a lot of color variation, light and darker boards. If you are wanting a light color without no red or amber tones white oak would be your best choice


Reclaimed White Oak With Bella Turn Legs

Reclaimed white oak farmhouse table with our bella turn legs. Reclaimed white is based on availability if we have light boards to achieve a light…

Price Upon Request


Rustic White Oak With V-Grooves And Turn Legs

This farmhouse table is made in rustic white oak we added v-grooves to the table top with no breadboard ends, and turn legs also made…

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White Oak Tables with Tapered

This beautiful white oak table with tapered legs is  72"L x 40"W x 30"H x 1.25" thick top.  Our Oak Tables can be custom built…

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White Oak Table With Cabriole Legs

This Farmhouse Table is made from Reclaimed Oak, it has Cabriole Legs and was Finished in Weather Oak Stain and Tung Oil. The Overall Dimensions…

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White Oak Table With Tapered Legs And Bench

This Farmhouse Table is Made from Reclaimed Oak. It's Finished in natural stain and tung oil satin finish coat.  The Overall Dimensions are 72"L x…

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