For decades hutches have been an indispensable presence in homes. They remind us of the comforts of home as they provide plenty of storage and display space. Our hutches are both rustic and elegant as well as retain the character of the wood from which they are built. Some of these images represent the endless possibilities of the custom hutches that we have created for our customers. We do stock standard size hutches which have a lower price point and a quicker turn-around time while still receiving a custom finish. If you have questions about a particular piece that the specifications don’t answer, please contact us. We’re here to help. Standard designs are made from beautiful reclaimed white pine barn wood and feature two or three sets of doors and drawers. Examples of some of our standard hutches are #1, #3, #7, #10, and #11. We also offer our hutches to be crafted from early American reclaimed chestnut and oak, in addition to virgin American hardwoods. Custom building and finishing are available to meet any specific size and design needs.


Salem Red Hutch

This striking Salem Red hutch is made entirely out of reclaimed old growth pine barn wood and measures 60" W x 78"H x 18" D.…

Prices starting at $1,900


White & Yellow Pine Rustic Hutch

This rustic hutch fabricated from reclaimed white pine barn wood has a reclaimed yellow pine barn wood counter top that matches our yellow pine farm…

Starting at $2,399


Sage & Cream Hutch

This reclaimed pine barn wood hutch measures 60"W ( 65"W overall) x 78"H x 19"D at bottom cabinet x 14"D at top cabinet. It has…

Price Upon Request


Barn Wine Hutch

This wine hutch holds both wine bottles and wine glasses with plenty of extra storage. Dimensions are 42”W  (47”W at crown molding) x 18”D x…

Price Upon Request


Custom Secret Compartment Hutch

This custom reclaimed pine barn wood hutch measures 96"W x 87"H x 22'D. It has been created in two pieces for ease of handling. The…

Price Upon Request


Barn Red & Black Glaze Hutch

This hutch has been fashioned from reclaimed pine barn wood and measures 48' W x 78"H x 18"D. It has been created in two pieces…

Prices starting at $1695 for open top hutches and $2,095 for glass door hutches


Custom Built-in Hutch

This custom hutch was made to fit in a customers old closet, it's dimensions are 62"W x 14"D at top and 21"D at bottom cabinet…

Price Upon Request


Open Shelf Hutch

This open shelf hutch is solidly built and made from reclaimed old growth pine barn wood-- it measures 60" W x 84" H x 18"…



Aunt Diane’s Hutch

This charming  hutch measures 53"W at crown, 48" W at cabinet x 78"H x 18" D and was created in two pieces for ease of…



Earth Green Hutch

Made entirely out of reclaimed pine barn wood this hutch measures 65" W x 78" H x 18" D and has been created in two…

Prices Starting at $2,495


Distressed Black Hutch

Made entirely from reclaimed white pine barnwood the dimensions of this hutch are 34" W (crown 39"W) x 72" H x 18" D. It has…



Custom Black Hutch with Glass & Wine Rack

The unique design of this large hutch combines beauty with functionality. It measures 80" W x 84" H x 20" D with the top portion…

Starting at $3,600


Cherry Stained Hutch

"This charming hutch was custom made to fit within the specific dimensions of a living room space. It measures 40"w x 84"H x 18"D and…



Large 10′ Hutch

This hutch has it all--  plenty of storage with all the character of reclaimed wood. It is finished in a black milk paint and the…

Price Upon Request


Chestnut Wood Hutch

This hutch is made entirely of reclaimed Early American Chestnut barn wood and measures 72"L x 76"H x 18"D. This indigenous hardwood species often times…

Price Upon Requesrt


Lime Green Post Hutch

This hutch was crafted using reclaimed pine barn wood and it stands 60" W x 88"H and 18"D. It is created in two pieces for…



Wine Bottle & Glass Holder Hutch

The dimensions for this hutch are 60"W (65"W overall) x 18"D x 84"H. The top-cabinet has two glass doors and center wine glass holders. The…

Prices starting at $2,800


Chestnut Wood Hutch

This hutch is made of reclaimed Early American Chestnut barn wood and measures 72"W (77"W overall)  x 22"D at base cabinet x 36"H x 15"D…

Price Upon Request


6′ Wine Hutch

Wine Hutch made of reclaimed white pine barn wood, dimensions 72"W (77"W overall at crown molding) x 12"D at top cabinet with three glass doors…

Price Upon Request