Vase Double Pedestal Table (Amanda) in Virgin Rustic Oak

This 96"L x 42"W x 2" Vase Double Pedestal (Amanda) Table in Rustic Oak is sure to be an heirloom centerpiece of the dining room. …

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Hawthorne Double Pedestal In Cherry

Hawthorne double pedestal table made in cherry wood. Tables can be made 64"L and 72"L with either two or four 12" extensions, extensions can be…

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Vase Double Pedestal In Virgin Rustic Cherry

Double pedestal in rustic cherry wood with two 12" extensions, bread board end pulls out to insert extensions. Size of table is 76"L x 42"W…

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Tuscany Anna In Reclaimed White Oak

This gorgeous table is made in reclaimed white oak. Finished with weathered oak stain. Size 96"W x 44"W x 2" thick x 30"h pedestals sit…

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Ebersol Double Pedestal In Oak with Matching Bench

This Ebersol Double Pedestal Table is one of our popular requests.  The Table shown is made of Reclaimed Oak and is 72"L x 40"W x…

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Vase Double Pedestal In Recalimed Oak and New Maple Wood

This Vase double pedestal table is made from reclaimed oak on the tabletop and new wood maple on the pedestals. The table size is 72"L…

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Vase Double Pedestal In Reclaimed Oak

This Table In Reclaimed Oak was made to fit perfectly in Our Customers Banquette Seating. It has a matching Bench. The Table's Overall Dimensions are…

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Tuscany Anna In Reclaimed Oak

This Tuscany Anna is made from Reclaimed Oak and Finished with a mix of Coffee and Special Walnut Stain and a Coat of Tung Oil.…

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Tuscany Z Single Pedestal In Maple Wood

This elegant Tuscany Table is made from New Maple Wood.  The Tables Dimensions are 60"R x 30"H x 1-1/4"Thickness.  Finished in Palm stain.  The Table…

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Single Slab Live Edge Sycamore Table

An example of a single slab Natural Live Edge table is made from Sycamore. The table's dimensions are 81.25"L x 49”W at One End, 41…

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Tuscany Anna In Virgin Brown Maple Finished In S-14 Stain

Our Tuscany Anna Table made in new maple wood.   This New wood maple has less apparent wood grain than our Reclaimed barn wood tables.  Table…

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Book Match Live Edge Sycamore Table

Example of a Book Match Live Edge Table is made from the same Sycamore Tree. Its Dimensions are 81"L x 45 1/2”W at One End,…



Vase Double Pedestal In Virgin Oak

This Vase Double Pedestal Table is made from New Oak Wood. The Table Top is Finished with Boston Stain, an aged Distressing and a Rub…

Price Upon Request


Tuscany Anna In Reclaimed Oak

Our famous Tuscany Anna Double Pedestal Table has become a favorite among our customers.  The table dimensions are 84"L x 42"W x 30"H x 2"…

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Farmhouse Chestnut Table and Bench

This beautiful Table has a top made from Reclaimed Chestnut and the base is made from Reclaimed White Pine.  The Dimensions of the table are…

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Tuscany Z In Cherry Finished In Heather Stain

Our timeless Tuscany double pedestal table is made in cherry wood finish in heather stain with no distressing. Here is a good example the beautiful…

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Chestnut King Table

This Table is made from Reclaimed Chestnut. The table top, legs and apron are finished in Tung Oil. The Leg style is Trestle King ,…



Vase Double Pedestal Table in White Pine

This beautiful Vase Double Pedestal Table is made of Reclaimed White Pine barn wood.  It measures 68"L x 40"W x 30"H x 1.5" thick top. …

Price Upon Request


Tuscany Anna In Reclaimed White Pine Shown With Braslow Chairs

Tuscany Anna made in Reclaimed White Pine barnwood.  The size of  table is 96"L x 42"W  x 2" thick with Two 16" company boards. Pedestals…

Price Upon Request


Tuscany Anna in Reclaimed Chestnut

This stunning Tuscany Anna Table in Reclaimed Chestnut wood is 84"L x 42"W x 30"H x 2" Thick top.  It is finished in our Natural…

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Tuscany Anna in Reclaimed Chestnut

Tuscany Anna made in reclaimed chestnut, size of table is 120"L x 40"W x 2" thick top. Pedestals sit 18" in from the ends. Finished…

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Tuscany Anna In Virgin Rustic Oak

This Sturdy and Stunning Tuscany Anna Table was made with New "Virgin" Rustic Oak.  It measures 106"L x 42"W x 30"H with a 2" Thick…

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Tuscany Anna In Virgin Oak Finished In Amazing Walnut Stain

A favorite design for us our Tuscany Anna made in virgin oak with a new stain called amazing walnut with glaze. The table dimensions are…

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Quad Vase Table in Clear Maple

This quad vessel style table has dimensions of 90"x 60" x 2" thick, and is made out of clear "new" maple wood. The table top is…

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