Trestle Tables

A trestle is a bridge-like structure that supports a table top. It consists of two vertical towers or legs, and a horizontal brace or stretcher. Our trestle tables come in a variety of sizes with the potential to add extensions for additional seating. The design of a trestle table allows for easy access all around the table as well as providing more seating. Placement of legs for end seating is something we will discuss with you during your design.
As banquette and bench seating are becoming increasingly popular so is the demand for the trestle table.
We craft our tables from reclaimed barn wood and virgin American hardwoods.

All our tables are made to order. When inquiring about a table please specify species of wood, size, top thickness, base/leg style and finish color. If unsure, please contact us.

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Westin Trestle With Bench In Oak Wood

Westin trestle with matching bench this table was made for banquette seating which is why the corners are clipped. Size 88"L x 42"W x 1.75"…

Price Upon Request


Renaissance Table In Reclaimed oak

Our newest design table we call the renaissance.  The table pictured is 84" x 42" x 1.5" thick x 30" H. Made of reclaimed oak.…

Price Upon Request


X Trestle Table In Rustic Reclaimed Oak

Nothing like reclaimed oak with its tight grain and beautiful character. The is table measures 72 x 42 x 1.75" thick x 30"H Legs sit…

Price Upon Request


A-Frame Trestle table in white pine with A-Frame bench

A-Frame trestle table in reclaimed white pine size 78 x 40 x 1" thick, table top in finished in tung oil, base is milk painted…

Price Upon Request


Renaissance Table In Reclaimed Oak

Our newest trestle table we call the Renaissance.  Reclaimed oak 144"L x 42" W x 2" thick x 30"H with 3" breadboard ends, legs sit…

Price Upon Request


X-Trestle Table in Bar Height With Copper Top

Custom bar height table with a copper top. 70"L x 40"W x 40"H x 1.5" thick top with copper top X-trestle base that was finished…

Price Upon Request


X Trestle Table In Chestnut

This X Trestle Table is made from Reclaimed Chestnut. It is Finished in Natural Tung Oil. The Overall Dimensions are 68"L x 30"H x 40"W…

Price Upon Request


Roy Trestle In Chestnut

This Roy Table is made from Reclaimed Chestnut and it's finished in a Premium Finish, Harvest Stain and Tung Oil. The Overall Dimensions are 78"L…

Price Upon Request


King Trestle Table In Cherry

One of our signature trestles tables that we make often in reclaimed wood and had the honor to make build it in cherry wood. We…

Price Upon Request


Chestnut King Table

This Table is made from Reclaimed Chestnut. The table top, legs and apron are finished in Tung Oil. The Leg style is Trestle King ,…

Price Upon Request


Vineyard X-Trestle in White Pine

This Vineyard X-Trestle Table is made entirely out of Reclaimed White Pine barn wood.  It measures 96"L x 40"W x 30"H x 1.5" thick top.…

Price Upon Request


Hudson-X Trestle in Rustic Oak

Bound to be a family heirloom, this Hudson X-Trestle Table is made for many family gatherings.   It is crafted of new "virgin" Rustic Oak wood…

Price Upon Request


King Trestle In Chestnut

King Trestle Table 72 x 40 x 1.5" thick, finished in tung oil, shown with 16" company boards.

Price Upon Request


Roy Trestle Table in Oak

This handsome Roy Trestle Table has been made of solid Reclaimed Oak barn wood.  This table can be serve many with it's removable company boards.…

Price Upon Request


King Trestle Table in Oak

Pictured here is a King Trestle Table.  This table is 84"L x 40"W x 30"H x 1.5" Thick Top.  It was made of Reclaimed Oak,…

Price Upon Request


A-Frame Trestle Table in White Pine

This attractive A-Frame Trestle Table is made of Reclaimed White Pine barn wood.  It measures  72"L x 40"W x 30"H x 1" thick top.   Table…

Price Upon Request


Tuscany Anna In Virgin Brown Maple Finished In S-14 Stain

Our Tuscany Anna Table made in new maple wood.   This New wood maple has less apparent wood grain than our Reclaimed barn wood tables.  Table…

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Vineyard X Rectangalur Trestle Table in White Pine

This has become one of our favorites our X-design trestle table, made of reclaimed white pine barn wood, finished in tung oil, dimensions 72 x…

Price Upon Request


A-Frame in Yellow Pine

This A-frame Trestle Table was made in Reclaimed Yellow Pine barn wood.  It measures 86"L x 36"W x 30"H x 1.5" thick top and has…

Price Upon Request


Roy Trestle in Oak

Measuring a grand 84"L x 40"W x 30" H, this table has been made of solid, reclaimed oak barn wood. Its tabletop is 1 1/2"…

Price Upon Request


Roy Trestle Table in White Pine

This gorgeous Trestle table has been created entirely from reclaimed white pine barn wood. The dimensions are 86"L x 38"W x 30"H. The thick tabletop…

Price Upon Request


A-Frame Trestle Table in Chestnut

Chestnut A-Frame table 66"L x 40"W x 1.5" thick, table top is finished in harvest stain and tung oil, base is milk painted black and…

Price Upon Request


A-Frame Trestle Table in Chestnut

This trestle table will easily seat family and guests at your largest gatherings! Made from rare and reclaimed chestnut barn wood. Its dimensions (without the…

Price Upon Request


Vineyard X Trestle Table in Fir

Pictured here is a Vineyard X Trestle Table made of Fir barn wood.  It measures 72"L x 40"W x 30"H x 1.5" Thick top.  The…

Price Upon Request


A-Frame Trestle Table in Douglas Fir

Our A-Frame trestle table is a favorite among our customers. Dimensions on this table are 76”L x 36”W x 30”H x 1.5” thick. Made of…

Price Upon Request


Roy Trestle Table in Yellow Pine

Our Roy trestle table make of yellow pine barn wood, we love the simplicity of this table, not too country, not too contemporary, size 72…

Price Upon Request


King Trestle Table in Oak

Made out of solid, reclaimed oak barn wood, this is one of our largest creations to date! This trestle table measures 108"L x 40"W x…

Price Upon Request


King Trestle Table in Chestnut

This King Trestle Table has been made of rare, Reclaimed Chestnut barn wood.  It measures 72"L x 36"W x 30"H with a 1 1/2" thick…

Price Upon Request


King Trestle Table in Douglas Fir

Hand crafted out of reclaimed Douglas Fir barn wood, this magnificent trestle table measures 114"L x 40"W x 30 1/2"H. The tabletop is a substantial…

Price Upon Request