Invite a piece of history into your home with a solid beam from an old barn. Create a gorgeous focal point that will showcase any object that is placed on it as it pairs with primitive or refined decor. Old rustic barn beams are made from reclaimed pine, chestnut or oak. They can be raw and unfinished or can be sealed with Tung Oil. All mantels are specialty, custom orders.


Mantel # 1 Reclaimed Pine (Available)

Available for immediate pickup or delivery. Reclaimed mantel 80"L x 3"H x 11 1/2"W (this width is rare and hard to find) Unfinished can be…



Reclaimed Pine Mantel

Pine mantel made from trusses that came out of an old barn size 67"L x 3"H x 10"D finished in harvest stain and tung oil

Prices Starting at $300


Hand Hewn Oak Mantle #2 (Available)

Hand Hewn Oak mantel cut from old barn beam size 84"L x 7"H x 7"D Unfinished kept in temperature control building, wired brushed and lightly…



Oak Weathered Gray Mantle #3 (Available)

Oak mantel with great gray color (has a tenon on one end that can be cut off) Size 77 3/4"L x 6"H x 8 1/2"D…



Hand Hewn Oak Mantel #5 (Available)

Hand Hewn Oak Mantle size 86 1/4"L x 7"H x 6 1/2"W Unfinished can be finished for an additional $100 more kept in a temperature…



Chestnut Mantel With Hand Made Corbels

Beam pictured is a Gorgeous Chestnut barn beam made into a mantel size 70"L x 8" x 6" Corbels were hand made from chestnut barn…

Prices Starting at $600 for Chestnut Barn Beams


Reclaimed Oak Mantel

This Mantel was made from an Oak barn beam.  Mantels can be hand hewn or raw beams.  Raw beams will vary in size from 9'L…

Prices start at $350


Reclaimed Pine Mantel

This Pine barn beam was made into a Mantel.  Mantels can me made from raw beams in varying sizes like 9" x 7", 7" x…

Price Upon Request


Reclaimed Chestnut Mantel

Chestnut  beam made into mantel. Let us know the length you need and whether you want the actually dimensions of the beam which will give…

Price Upon Request


Ruff Sawn Oak Mantel

This Oak Mantel is made from a 100+ year old barn beam.  It is finished with a warm Walnut Stain. Overall Dimensions 60"L x 7"H…

Price Upon Request