Barn Doors & Custom Doors

By far….stylish RECLAIMED BARN WOOD DOORS have been the biggest trend popping up in American home decor.
And We Love Custom Making Them For Our Customers.
These beautiful and functional Barn Doors are around to stay for a long time. They provide the perfect
transition from one room to another. You don’t have to live in a farmhouse or barn to have a Barn Door in
your home. We custom design and build them in many different styles….rustic, farmhouse, contemporary, modern.
Our Artisans Can Custom Finish the reclaim wood the way You Desire with stain, paints, and glazes to create a distressed, antique or very sleek design.
A sliding Barn Door is a unique way to create a charming entrance to any room in your home. Whether you are
replacing an existing door or adding a new entrance….sliding doors allow the flexibility to close spaces off and
to join them. Sliding doors hang on a rail system that allows them to move sideways to open and close.
We craft our doors from Reclaimed Wood and New Virgin Woods and have many door styles from which to choose.
Different hardware styles and finishes are available to compliment your custom Barn Doors.
Did you know the original benefit of a barn door rail system was so that it could slide open even in heavy snow?
Starting prices of Barn Doors in Reclaimed Pine $998.


Diamond Barn Doors

The two bi-parting barn doors are made from reclaimed white pine barn wood. Each door 30 1/2" W x 78 1/2" When the door come…

Price Upon Request


Z Barn Door Finished In Distressed White

Barn door made of reclaimed white pine barn wood. Z style size 32"W x 84"H x 1.5" thick. Two milk paint  colors (O) Warm Ash…



Custom Rain Glass Doors

These beautiful, custom Rain Glass Doors are made from Spanish Cedar wood.  They measure  49.5"W x 81.75"H.  Doors are distressed and stained with our special mix,…

Price Upon Request


Chevron Barn Door

This Diagonal V-Groove pattern Barn Door brings classic Chevron style to any room.  Made from new Spanish Cedar wood and finished in SW Pewter Cast…

Price Upon Request


Eyebrow Arch Barn Door

These handsomely crafted Eyebrow Arch Barn Doors have been a favorite among our customers.  All of our Barn Doors are made to order, custom built…

Price Upon Request


White Star Barn Door

Featured here is a striking Star design Barn Door made of new Spanish Cedar wood.  It measures  84"H x 84"W x 1.75" Thick and is…

Price Upon Request


Ranch Barn Door Made in Reclaimed Oak

This stunning Barn Door is made from Reclaimed Oak Wood.  It is 35-1/2"W x 83"H and beautifully finished in Tung Oil.  It has Standard Hardware…

Price Upon Request


Dutch Door

This dutch door was a custom order for this particular door way. It is finished in a glossy white paint.

Price Upon Request


Barn Doors Made For A Pantry

We worked with our customer to design and build these barn door for their pantry. We just love how it all came together. The half…

Price Upon Request


Barn Door With Glass Lites

This ranch style barn door is made entirely out of reclaimed barn wood, and features a window made of tempered glass. It's dimensions are 42"W…



Arrow Barn Door

This Barn Door is custom designed with the front side in an Arrow style, and the back side as a traditional Ranch style.  It is…

Price Upon Request


Ranch Style Barn Door With Glass

This Barn Door is made from Reclaimed White Pine, finished with Tung Oil and Provincial Stain.  It's a Ranch style with Glass Lights. The hardware…



X Style Barn Door In Lullaby Blue

This X Style Barn Door is made from Poplar Hardwood. Its Overall Dimensions are 62"W x 84"H x 1-1/2"Thickness. Paint Finish in Lullaby Blue. Hardware…

Price Upon Request


Z Barn Door Made For Pantry

This Barn Door was made from Reclaimed White Pine and Finished in Tung Oil.  It's Style is Full Z-Brace.  The Dimensions of the Door are…

Price Upon Request


Mini Bi- Parting Barn Doors

BI Parting barn doors made of reclaimed barn wood, each door has a right and left arrow so when they doors are closed the arrows…

Price Upon Request


Custom Iron Barn Door

Two matching Barn Doors made of Reclaimed barn wood and custom hand forged iron work.  The picture is worth a 1,000 words.  Contact us for your…

Price Upon Request


Large Reclaimed Oak Barn Door With Windows

Thank you for checking out our barn doors.  All of our barn doors are made to order, custom built and finished. Starting prices for barn…

Price Upon Request


Arrow Barn Door

Arrow barn door size 41"W x 85"H x 1.75" thick, made of reclaimed white pine barn wood. Finished with Michael's stain and tung oil. Header…

Price Upon Request


Reclaimed Oak Barn Door with Glass

What a beauty, made of reclaimed oak with six glass panes in temper glass. Size 35"W x 84"H x 1.75"H, finished SW acorn and tung…

Price Upon Request


Large Arrow Barn Door

This Large Arrow Barn Door measures 60"W x 85"H x 1.75" thick.  It is made entirely of Reclaimed White Pine barn wood and is handsomely…

Price Upon Request


Arrow Bi-Parting Barn Doors

Bi-Parting barn doors made in Arrow design. Made of reclaimed white pine barn wood. Size of doors pictured are 49"W x 81"H x 1 1/2"…

Price Upon Request


Farm Style Barn Door

These big barn doors' dimensions are 30"W x 94"H x 1.5" thick. They are made entirely of reclaimed white pine barn wood, and finished in…

Price Upon Request


Ranch Style Barn Door

The ranch style barn door is made entirely out of reclaimed white pine barn wood. This particular door is finished in our natural tung oil…

Price Upon Request


Industrial Barn Door

This Barn Door is made from Reclaimed Wood. The Oak Boards are finished in a Clear Coat and the Steal Frame is Powder Coated in…

Price Upon Request


Eyebrow Arch Barn Door Made In Reclaimed Oak

Eyebrow Arch Barn Door used as a Pantry really says Farmhouse Style. The door is made of Reclaimed Oak, size 35"W x 79"H x 1.5"…

Price Upon Request


XX Exterior Door

This Double X Exterior Door is made of Spanish Cedar Wood, that we highly recommend for exterior doors.  This kind of wood will hold for…

Price Upon Request


Half X Barn Door Made In Reclaimed Oak

For Those who like the Color Gray this Barn Door is for you! It is Made from Reclaimed Oak and is Half X Design. It's…

Price Upon Request


Arrow Barn Door

This Arrow Barn Door (right pointing) is made of Reclaimed Pine wood.  It is finished in Michael's stain with a Van Dykes brown glaze. Overall…

Price Upon Request


3 Light Rain Glass Barn Door

This Barn Door is a 3 Light Rain Glass, made from Reclaimed (Rustic) Oak. The Overall Dimensions are 36"W x 84"H. Finished with Natural Tung…

Price Upon Request


Double Z Barn Door

This door is our signature stacked Zs barn door style. It features flat black industrial pulls and slides, and our all natural tung oil rub.

Price Upon Request


Gray Washed Barn Door in Arrow Design

This handsome Barn Door is made from Reclaimed White Pine, and is finished in our Pewter Stain and Glaze.  The front of the door has…

Price Upon Request


Ranch Style Barn Door in Distressed White

Pictured here is a Ranch Barn Door that measures 60"W x 81 1/2"H x 1 3/4" Thick. This Door is made from Reclaimed White Pine…

Price Upon Request


Two Railed Barn Door

This Two Railed Barn Door is made of Reclaimed Pine Wood. It was painted in two different colors, first Warm Ash and then White. A…

Price Upon Request