White Pine Tables

Our white pine table is a customer favorite! It has so much warmth and character, and many classic-looking farmhouse tables are crafted out of white pine. White pine wood generally offers a lot of natural color variations, including some areas of black often seen around the wood’s knots. Our 1″ thick white pine boards were used mainly as a barn’s siding so the boards tend to have lots of patina and are often wider. We also can make table tops with pine planking 1 1/2″ to 2″ thick depending on availability. White pine is still considered a soft wood but the antique pine is much harder than the pine of today because it came from old growth trees harvested over 100 years ago.


White Pine Table With Turn Legs

Always the favorite old antique pine boards. This table is 84 x 40 x 1" thick top x 30"H, turn legs, finished in Boston stain…

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Rustic Loose Planking Farmhouse Table With Tapered Legs

We made this table with love for my assistant Reenie. It is finished in a tung oil mix and stained with special walnut and mahogany.…

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White Pine with Black Painted Turn Legs

A classic farmhouse beauty, this table is made of Reclaimed White Pine barn wood and measures 72"L x 40"W x  30"H.  It features four turned…

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White Pine Table With Cabriole Legs

French cabriole legs add a little elegance to a rustic table. Table measures 72"L x 39"W x 30"H. Finished with provincial  stain and tung oil

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White Pine 8′ Table With Tapered Legs

This table has been made out of reclaimed white pine barn wood. This table is an example of what we use for wedding rental tables.…

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White Pine Table With Turned Legs Painted White

This stunning Farmhouse Table is made from Reclaimed White Pine.  It measures 60"L x 38"W x 30"H x 1" thick. This table we use for…

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White Pine with Cabriole Legs

The table pictured is  84"L x 40"W x 30"H, with cabriole legs. Click to view more photos of tables with cabriole legs.  It has been…

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White Pine Table with Turned Legs

White Pine Table pictured is 72"L x 40"W x 30"H x 1" thick Top with Cait turn legs.  It features one drawer in the apron…

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White Pine 60″ Table with 16″ Company Boards

If you prefer wider Farmhouse Tables. . . .this is the perfect design! Made from solid, Reclaimed White Pine Barn Wood, it measures 60"L x…

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White Pine Table with Hearthside Chairs

This gorgeous reclaimed white pine barn wood table measures 72"L x 40"W x 30"H.It features removable tapered legs with leveling feet and a standard apron.…

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White Pine Table with Taper Legs

With clean lines and simple design. . . . this is one of our more popular Pine Tables.  Made of Reclaimed White Pine barn wood,…

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