Single Pedestal Tables

Gather ’round the perfect conversation area, a pedestal base table. This table type can live in those “hard-to-fit” spaces such as compact rooms, square spaces, and areas with banquette seating. A standard pedestal base table can be made out of reclaimed white pine, yellow pine, douglas fir, chestnut and oak barn wood. We can also craft certain pedestal bases up to 72″ high.

All our tables are made to order. When inquiring about a table please specify species of wood, size, top thickness, base/leg style and finish color. If unsure, please contact us.

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Tuscany Anna Single Pedestal In Chestnut

Tuscany Anna single pedestal table 60"R x 1.75" thick x 30"H Finishing with a diluted stain and tung oil. Chairs picture our comfy houghton chairs

Price Upon Request


Tuscany Z Single Pedestal In Maple Wood

This elegant Tuscany Table is made from New Maple Wood.  The Tables Dimensions are 60"R x 30"H x 1-1/4"Thickness.  Finished in Palm stain.  The Table…

Price Upon Request


Vase Pedestal Table In White Pine

This Single Vase Pedestal Table is made of Reclaimed White Pine wood.  It measures 42"L x 36W" x 30"H x 1.5" thick top.  Table top…

Price Upon Request


Round Single Pedestal Table (SALE)

Immediately available for pick up or delivery. This single pedestal table has a classic Cannonball base and is crafted with reclaimed white pine and finished…

Sale Price $1295


Cannonball in Oak

Reclaimed white oak 40" x 1.5" thick finished in MX stain and tung oil.

Price Upon Request


Tuscany Anna Single Pedestal in White Pine

We love our new pedestal base we call it Tuscany Anna, all handcrafted by our craftsman. Size 50" round x 1.5" thick. This table is…

Price Upon Request


Octagon Vase Pedestal

Our very popular Vase pedestal that we now offer with a octagon base with four empire feet.  This base shown in the picture is made…

Price Upon Request


Tuscany Anna Single Pedestal in Chestnut

Table Pictured  is a 60" round, with a 2" thick top.  Click to view more photos of Tuscany Anna Chestnut tables. It is made entirely…

Price Upon Request


Cannonball Pedestal In White Pine

Table pictured is 54" round x 1" thick. Click to view more photos of Cannonball pedestal base tables in white pine. Made from reclaimed white…

Price Upon Request


Cannonball Pedestal in Yellow Pine

This 58" diameter round  x 30" H yellow pine barn wood table has character galore. With old saw marks visible on the 1" thick tabletop,…

Price Upon Request


Cannonball White Pine Pedestal with Painted Base

This tabletop has been crafted from reclaimed white pine barn wood and measures 60" in diameter.It features a 10" turned Cannonball pedestal base and a…

Price Upon Request


Carlisle Pedestal Table Made in New Maple Wood

60" round table with one-18" leaf, made in new brown maple wood, stained coffee with antiquity distressing and glaze.

Price Upon Request


Ebersol Pedestal in Oak

This Ebersole Pedestal Table is made entirely from Reclaimed Oak barn wood, and is as sturdy as it is beautiful!  It is 54" in diameter with…

Price Upon Request


Tuscany Anna with Painted Pedestal

This beautiful table is an example of how Reclaimed Wood doesn't always have to look rustic!  Our Tuscany Anna Pedestal Table measures 40" Round x…

Price Upon Request


Tuscany Anna Single Pedestal (SALE)

Immediately available for pick up or delivery. This single pedestal table will seat four to six people and would look beautiful in any kitchen. The…

Sale Price $2,095 / 30% off $1,467


Tuscany Anna Pedestal with Rectangle Top in White Pine

This stunning and sturdy table features our Tuscany Anna Pedestal with a rectangle top.  It is made entirely out of Reclaimed White Pine barn wood…

Price Upon Request


Oak Single X Pedestal

This Single Pedestal Table features an X Post base and 3 inch bread board ends.  It is made from Reclaimed Oak wood and measures 58"L x…

Price Upon Request