Animals as therapists … Pets Adventures at the Barn

Following the horrible tragedy that happened last Friday, there has been an influx of pictures going viral of animals working as therapists to help the families of Connecticut heal.


Here at Furniture From The Barn, we have three dogs, one horse, one mini pony and plenty of cats… we honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. Waking up early to feed and water the horses is more of a blessing than a chore. Our dogs accompany us in the office helping keep the stress levels low when they might otherwise escalate. Having a slew of animals around all the time is really important to us and our business. We wouldn’t be the same people without them. Currently sleeping at my feet, I have a golden retriever named Lila and a mutt named Drover. Our animals provide, comfort, laughter, and joy. I hope the animals visiting the grieving families in Connecticut can provide similar emotions and maybe make this Christmas a little bit better than it would have been otherwise.
God Bless and Merry Christmas.

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