Country Living Magazine Photo Shoot

Last Friday, November 30, Country Living Magazine came to our farm for a photo shoot of an armoire that they asked us to custom build for the magazine. Our armoire will be in a feature article in their April 2013 issue. We are excited and feel blessed to be able to share our work with CL Mag subscribers. What an amazing opportunity.

This photo shoot has been a long time in the making and it’s amazing to see it come to fruition.

There has been a lot of planning and collaborating with CL in regards to the custom armoire. We discussed sizes, paint colors, hardware, interior shelves… everything down to the last centimeter. Thankfully CL loved the finished product and we are very proud of our hard work.

Preparing for the photo shoot was a bit of a daunting task. I’m not sure if you are aware, but our home is also our shop, show room and office. As you can imagine, we are a bit tight on space. Currently, Michael is working on an addition that will house our showroom. We are very excited about this because our showroom is presently in the living room! Not a lot of family living happing in there.

When we spoke with CL about where to hold the photo shoot, we collectively decided that it should be in our showroom/living room. This dual purposed space boasts hardwood floors and wood beamed ceilings… a beautiful room for an armoire and photo-shoot. This sounds fabulous, right? … well, if you’ve visited the shop lately, you will know that the showroom is jam packed with furniture and is a tight squeeze from one area to the next. The first step preparing this space was to empty it! Now… I am all for men’s and women’s equality… but this was a job for the big, strong, men of the house! Michael and Casey got to work and within an afternoon, the furniture was removed which was exciting because we hadn’t seen our living room look like a living room in years! But…. We could also see that we had a lot of cleaning to do! (The men did the heavy lifting so it was up to us ladies to do the cleaning.L)

We got out our mops, rags and Pine Sol and went to work. The room shined liked the top of the Chrysler building once we finished.

Call time for Friday morning was 8:30 am. We started our day early to make sure everything was ready for CL’s arrival. The horses, dogs and cats were fed and happy and we were ready to greet the photographer and style crew.

After our photographer arrived, and making a quick trip to Pottery Barn to pick up a forgotten rug, the styling and shooting began. And continued…. We took a nice lunch break (that CL catered for us, THANK YOU!) and then the photographer and stylists got back to work. The armoire looked fabulous after the stylists had their way with it. I wish the inside of my closets and cabinets were that organized and beautiful. The photo shoot lasted well into the evening. Every shot had to be just right… The modeling world is tough… even for furniture.

All in all, we had a fabulous day. We reveled in the short lived glamour of the situation and told all of our friends that Country Living Magazine was here. I was hoping they’d ask me to make a cameo in one of the pictures… it must’ve slipped their minds. OH well, next time I’m sure.
We will post some behind the scenes shots just as soon as the magazine hits the racks! 🙂


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